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July 2015 –
Operations at the new production site in Central Mexico began this month. The new facility titled “Arcosa Bajio (BJX)” has commenced production operations and will supply primarily to the automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers.
January 2015 –
Construction started for Onamba’s second wire harness factory in Mexico, located in Central Mexico (bajio region) and dedicated to the automotive sector. Operations are scheduled to start by the middle of the year, and the plant will house a total 100 workers by year end.
October 2013 –
O&S received approval to start producing the a new lighting harness for the automotive sector, this time for the Nissan Taxi. Mass production for this part is scheduled to begin in April 2014.
February 2013 –
O&S received approval to start producing its first lighting harness for the automotive industry. Mass production began on March 2013 for the Chrysler DUCATO. A total of three harness are being produced and supplied for the OEM via a Tier 1.