Quality | Env. Policy
Our purpose is to comply with laws and environmental regulations to focus in the prevention of
pollution and conservation of natural resources.

Implement environmental assessments and research in the following conditions and situations:

a) Starting operations on new products and defining the raw materials to be used.
b) Constructing, creating or remodeling our facilities.
c) Maintaining, cleaning and checking our equipment.
d) Controlling, identifying and segregating waste material.

1.- Provide response systems for accidents, emergencies and catastrophes, as well as management systems and guidelines for periods of operation.

2.- Establish objectives and targets appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impact to help reduce and prevent the use and discharge of chemical substances, whose effects to the environment are causes of environmental pollution.

3.- Make all of our employees aware of our pertaining and enforce education and training towards environmental preservation.

4.- Work toward the continual improvement of environmental management systems, implementing and utilizing external and internal audits to procure a stable operation by means of accurate documentation.

5.- Make a commitment devoted to the environmental business activities, and cooperate within our reach at a local level and to community service.