Established in October 1986, OSCA-ARCOSA is a leader in the supply of electrical wire assemblies, supplying to the Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Industrial Electronics, Photovoltaic, and Appliance Industries.
We are an integrated team of sales, engineering, production, and quality assurance experts, specializing in the assembly of wire harness assemblies. We are dedicated to serving our customers’ requirements at all levels. We work with the customer through the initial stages of design to the completion of the product, until their delivery.
O&S California, Inc. (OSCA) is the corporate and sales office located in San Diego, California USA.
Created from the joint venture between two of the biggest wire manufactures of the world:
Onamba Co. Ltd. (Share 70%). and
Sumitomo Electric Ind. Ltd. (Share 30%).
OSCA (O & S California, Inc.)
Arneses y Conexiones, SA. de CV. (ARCOSA), our manufacturing facility, located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. ARCOSA employs over 1071 people in the 57,000 Sq. Feet (5,295 Sq. Meters) of manufacturing space and 121,000 Sq. Feet (11,250 Sq. Meters) of land.

ARCOSA (Arneses y Conexiones, SA. de CV.)